Is it working?

Another day is done. It’s been a long day. I attended day 2 of the conference. Hustled back to school to participate with kids and parents at family game night. I’m feeling the wear of the day. I put the car in auto pilot and drive home.

As I walked into the house, I hung my coat on the rack, tossed my bags on the coach, and plopped into my Lazy Boy rocking chair.

I feel my body becoming one with my chair as she cradles me. Back-n-forth. Back-n-forth. Back-n-forth. The throw blanket draped over the smooth leather back gradually slides down. She offers one more layer of comfort from a long hard day. With each rock, it finally wraps around my shoulders. I nestle in trying to get deep inside her embrace. The weight of my eyelids slowly comes to a close. I begin to drift.

It could have been the car back firing as it raced down the road, the faint knock on the door, or my guilty conscious that brought me back to reality.

As I opened my eyes, they fixated on the crinkled paper taped to the wall. It’s only Tuesday my brain registers. The list of “today’s” exercises stares back at me. Some website hook me in. I got this plan off of the internet. It promised to get you a fit and trim tummy in 10 weeks. As my age creeps up, so does my waist line.

I walked past the mirror to answer the door. Who’s that looking back at me? I thought to myself. It’ll take a lot more than 10 weeks to see that body in a bathing suit. With a giggle in my voice I opened the door.

After my conversation with a gentleman, I begrudgingly began week 5. It’s worth it…Right?


Published by Joan MS Durrin

a Wife and Dog Lover; an Educator, Writer, and a Reader; an Outdoor Enthusiast, a Learner.

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