Twas the Night Before…

Twas the night before leaving for Palm Springs, when I ran all through the house . Not a thing was clean, not even a pair of jeans, The suitcase was taken from the shed in a rush, In hopes that I would get everything packed and have a midnight snack.

The shirts were hanging in rows awaiting to be plucked, While visions of technology mishaps danced in my head
And now my partner is planning to attend after months of no hopes, Has been bouncing around in my brain.

When out from my car arose a strange noise as I put items inside, I sprang from the drivers seat to see what was the matter. Away to the engine I hurried with worry, Lifted up the hood and tossed up my hands.


The eve of the big day glooms on my plans Gave way to a dreary thought of how bad it might the day go. When, I realized to my relief that sound wasn’t coming from my car, But a clunker from next door and two kids tinkering with toys.

With leaps and bounds back to the house, I knew I need to get my Slice done, the heck with the pack. Quickly I thought what could I try, Then out of nowhere this poem came to mind.

Before it get way too silly, I think I’ll stop. Yet it’s only 9:03 for me, it’s 12:03 for you. I am just a little to late but still going to post Sweet Dreams to all, and to all a good night!

Sorry this is such a rush job. I just wanted to submit something though.

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