A Gem in the Rough #SOL20 #16/31

It was my first time in a grocery store in a while. I didn’t go to my go-to-store. It’s too small. It’s too crowded on what was once known as an ordinary day. Tomorrow’s St. Paddy’s Day. I must have the traditional corned beef and cabbage (potatoes, carrots & onions too). That’s all I wanted.Continue reading “A Gem in the Rough #SOL20 #16/31”

‘Water You Up To?’ #SOL20 #14/31

Early to bed means early to rise. I’m not sure I appreciated this on a Saturday morning. Emotionally exhausted yesterday, I did just that. This morning I woke up early. No surprise. As I drank some coffee, I caught a glimpse of my nails. The pretty pink ‘nail polish’ had worn out its welcome. ThereContinue reading “‘Water You Up To?’ #SOL20 #14/31”

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