Unfamiliar Territory #SOL20 #13/31

Things are going to be a bit different. I wonder for how long?

Image by Tumisu from Pixabay

It was rough today. A plethora of events caused this day to begin with a bumpy start, and it continued throughout the day.

I tried hard to keep it positive. It didn’t work. Two kiddos were ready to record our first podcast. We started in the book room, and it was great. Everything was off to a fantastic start until the custodian started pulling down the tables and chairs in the cafeteria. The shared wall vibrated through. Crash! Bang! Boom! It became too much. Next, we received an email that the librarian wasn’t coming in. So we thought that was a good idea, and we headed on over. Thirty seconds more and done. Nope! A third-grade classroom came barreling in. Running out of ideas, I came up with another room we could go to. P-1 is an empty portable. I ran to the office to get the key, and we dashed over, dodging the raindrops. Quiet and no interruptions. We will get this done this time. Nope! The air conditioner was humming loudly with no way to turn it off. I’m frustrated by now. I suggest our last possible location, my office. It’s raining good now. We have to go all away across the campus. We hustle out of the room. I want this done. I encounter our tech lady. She asks me to leave the door open, and what came out of my mouth was rude. I tried to sound “funny,” but it was far from that. I apologized later, but I feel terrible. We made it to my office. It was quiet, and the recording went smoothly. With minutes to spare, I had to rush off to a couple of classrooms. When I came back, I was excited to listen to it. Nope! One student didn’t hold the mic close enough, and it sound terrible. I was planning to try again after lunch. It never happened.

At the peak of the day, we were told at lunch to watch a video clip from the superintendent. We are one of many schools that will keep students off-campus for two weeks and an additional week for spring break. I’m full of mixed emotions, sadness, confusion, and worrisome.

For teachers who are experiencing a similar situation, Kristine Mraz @MrazKristine will be tweeting an “at-home lesson-ish thing a day.” We have to report on Monday. to create a plan to push out lessons. I’ll be looking into this.

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a Wife and Dog Lover; an Educator, Writer, and a Reader; an Outdoor Enthusiast, a Learner.

9 thoughts on “Unfamiliar Territory #SOL20 #13/31

  1. Somedays nothing is easy. And why are those always the days it rains? Every post I read tonight had sadness, frustration and challenge in it. I thought all of them were a bit comforting–makes me feel not so alone.
    I hope the podcast goes beautifully when you return–first room AND first take.

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  2. How frustrating to not find a quiet place for the podcast! So many posts about school closings today. Hopefully, we can find comfort in writing in the days ahead.

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