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Tangible Object may Crumbling Away, #SOL20 #31/31

I couldn’t put her paw print casting back into the Christmas tub with the rest of the ornaments. It rested on this countertop. Then I moved it to a different spot. Finally, the casting landed on my work station. Inside the secure baggy holds the final physical print my dog made on this planet. I’veContinue reading “Tangible Object may Crumbling Away, #SOL20 #31/31”

Hello Spring #SOL20 #30/31

I’ve been waiting for you! Some say the sign for spring is the daffodils. I believe it’s the Monarch caterpillar. It’s been a busy day for the most part. I’ve cleaned my closet, detailed the inside of my car, and trimmed some plants, among other chores. The best part though, was discovering you. I’ve wantedContinue reading “Hello Spring #SOL20 #30/31”

A Gem in the Rough #SOL20 #16/31

It was my first time in a grocery store in a while. I didn’t go to my go-to-store. It’s too small. It’s too crowded on what was once known as an ordinary day. Tomorrow’s St. Paddy’s Day. I must have the traditional corned beef and cabbage (potatoes, carrots & onions too). That’s all I wanted.Continue reading “A Gem in the Rough #SOL20 #16/31”

‘Water You Up To?’ #SOL20 #14/31

Early to bed means early to rise. I’m not sure I appreciated this on a Saturday morning. Emotionally exhausted yesterday, I did just that. This morning I woke up early. No surprise. As I drank some coffee, I caught a glimpse of my nails. The pretty pink ‘nail polish’ had worn out its welcome. ThereContinue reading “‘Water You Up To?’ #SOL20 #14/31”