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I do too!

It was like nothing else I’ve done. Unique. And it was. It was a stunning spectacular day. It was for you and me. The busy world left behind. It was just you and me. The week was planned to be beyond anything I could compare. A pilot. A 4 seater plane. A week on an island.

The day came closer and closer and closer. It was time to pack. It was time to travel. It was time to get married. Looking back fills me with visions of tranquil water and pink sand.

I remember Chad, our pilot, turning around, saying his lines and pronouncing that we are married. I remember you reading your vows. I remember a daisy from my bouquet sucked out the tiny pilot window. I tried to watched it. In my imagination I saw it drifting down toward the Caribbean Sea carrying all our hopes and dreams. We’re married. We’re married. We’re married.

On our first day there, we were so ready to play all dressed in our beach attire: bathing suits, suntan lotion, and flip flops. “Yippee!” said I. “We’re married.” But when my tooth began to ache, we were at a loss on what to do. We scurried all over the island looking for a dentist. We asked and asked and asked. The kindest of kind offered the name of the local dentist, made an appointment, and took us there.

I recollect the days as we kayaked and snorkeled around the island. And the time you caught that monstrous looking fish with the most metallic scale and needle sharp teeth chopping away. I recollect the days we drove the golf cart to every inch on the island, stopping along the way to play with a goat, to watch a manatee drink from a hose, to chat with the locals, to share a toast at an offset bar. We’re married. We’re married. We’re married.

I enshrine our morning walks along the shore line. I tingle with the rush of anticipation as we jumped off the bridge. I smile as you prepared and crushed a fresh coconut for me. I savor our Stone Crab wedding dinner as the giant blazing sun set in the distance. I catch the tear as I tossed my bouquet into the current to be carried away. I enshrine the sand between our toes and leaning in for another salty kiss.

I reminisce the time we sailed to another island. We strolled the local streets. We posed on the tree limb submersed in sand with a backdrop of turquoise water. We dined at the town’s favorite cafe. We reminisced on the porch as our days were coming to an end. We’re married. We’re married. We’re married.

We made plans to return again some time soon. Yet the best still resides within. We have traveled far and near over the course of our time together. You have created the best nests along the way. Our journey continues. You have shared your life openly and kept your promise to be true. You have encourage my fulfillment as an individual through all the challenges of our lives. I am blessed to be with you, my husband. I devote my life to you.

Happy Anniversary. Happy Anniversary. Happy Anniversary!


Published by Joan MS Durrin

a Wife and Dog Lover; an Educator, Writer, and a Reader; an Outdoor Enthusiast, a Learner.

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