Struggling with a Thought

I’m sitting here wondering what I should write about. I feel as though I have no stories to tell. Sure things are happening. I was able to go to the specialist. My root canal is taken care of. I did given in and register to see Carl Anderson. Last, I’m reading an interesting book, Find Your Yellow Tux, How to be Successful by Standing Out, by Jesse Cole. Yet, I still don’t have a story. I’ll just write for now.

The rain has returned. I’ll share a splash of moments of my day. My tooth is saved for now. The visit to the specialist office was fabulous! I was so impressed with the staff and most of all the Dentist. He is a specialist in his field and it showed. I now rest in my chair with just about no pain. All I could think about as I drove home is that it’s time for me to find a new dentist. I like mine as a person. He’s a great man. However, after getting a feel of this, I want someone current in the field and one that takes advantage of the technology to enhance their abilities. Who would think I would say the afternoon at the dentist was fabulous?

The drops turn into a drizzle as it bounces off the wall air conditioning unit. I remember being in New York and seeing towels draped over them. Finally, we figured out why. It dulls the sound. To silence the debate going on in my head, I gave in and registered to see Carl Anderson. I want to hear about his new book on conferring with writers. I’m sure I’ll by it too. I really enjoyed his older book, How’s it Going. It gave such practical advice on how to carry on a conversation with writers. It changed how I interacted with the writer and not focusing on the product. I wonder what I would tell myself right now as I struggle getting something down on paper. Hmmm…

As fast as the rain came, it has stopped. Just like me. I’m about done with this day too. However, I was able to get a couple chapters in with Jesse Cole’s book. He has a lot of great points about breaking away from “normal”. He challenges you to find out who you are and what is the best version of you. I’ve been thinking about that. I have a job opportunity to be a coach at my school site. I’m on the fence with it. I’m not sure if it’s the best version of me. I know what I love about teaching. Here are a few things. I love telling stories about silly characters to kids and making silly voices to match them. I love reading aloud books and enjoy the conversation that come from book talks. I love having students lead the lessons and share what they’re passionate about. I’m worried that I’ll be giving that up and all the other little things that go with this job. It’s so important to me. Yet, I know this opportunity will allow me to learn and grow even more. I like that idea. Time is ticking. I have to make a decision.

With that, I’m calling it. I’m going to have to continue waiting it out. And for my next writing, I’ll have to better spy on myself to find the gem to write about tomorrow.

Published by Joan MS Durrin

a Wife and Dog Lover; an Educator, Writer, and a Reader; an Outdoor Enthusiast, a Learner.

4 thoughts on “Struggling with a Thought

  1. I think this post is a great example of what to do when you don’t know what to write about—just start writing and see where it takes you! You could even share this with your students so they see that you actually use the strategies you teach them. Good luck with the job decision. I was “voluntold” by my principal to become a coach many years ago. I didn’t want to do it, but now I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I’ve learned so much!

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  2. This was a great post. You started uncertain and it turned out exceptional. I like the way you used the rain as your transitions. You also said you were sharing a splash of moments of your day, which is great, one that I will borrow. It made it seem like a diary entry. Thank you

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