Hurry up and relax

My First Slice of Life

I awoke this morning with my list of things to do for the next couple of weeks. Things seem to be busy. My mind keeps organizing the events in chronological order and then breaking each into manageable steps. I keep going over them. The logical side tells me I’m prepared. Then I hear, “No your not. You’re stressing again.” Here’s the list of things my brain thought I should sort through at 5 am.

The Mentor Meeting

I have been “asked” to be one of two presenters at our next mentor meeting. Last time, I put in so many hours planning it out with my partner through meeting and on my own. Today is our first meeting for our March meeting two weeks from this Friday. My partner asked if we could stay all day and get as much done as possible. Part of me cringed. I have so much work here. The other part of me reflected and I do believe it’s best. Hit the ground running while the ideas are fresh in your mind. Two hours from now, I’ll let you know if I’m feeling the same way.

The Inquiry Meeting

Next, I have an inquiry meeting to plan for. That will happen this Wednesday. I believe that will be okay. I just have to get some minor things done and I’ll be ready to go. I usually plan too much for a 1.5-hour meeting. A lot of items will be carried over from our last meeting.

The Elena Aguilar Conference

The following week, (before I knew I would be presenting at the Mentor Meeting and at the CUE19 Conference in Palm Springs [alone]), I signed up to attend a three-day coaching conference presented by Elena Aguilar. I’m excited. She’s a well-known coach in education. If you are going to learn about coaching, you should go to the best. That’s three days though that will be taking me away from my other responsibilities. I will be practicing mindfulness so I am present for this event and get the most out of it.

The Equity Think Tank

On the last day of the conference, I’ll be driving down to Downey to meet with a crew and continue to think about equity within the educational system. One colleague canceled because she’s going to the conference. Should I? I don’t want to. I just hope I’m able to focus and think at this point.

The CUE19 Conference Presentation

After the Elena Aguilar conference, I drive to Palm Springs for the CUE19 Conference. I think I’m ready. I have done some practice runs in front of some educators at a past conference. I am working on making adjustments to the slides to keep it fresh and based on input from the audience. I don’t think my partner will be joining me at this event. She’s still dealing with her medical situation. However, I feel capable and confident to move forward.

The Recruitment Team

I’m in the team leader to conduct classroom observations and interviews at a school site applying to be a part of the Cotsen Family. I participated last year as a team member. This year they are thinking I can handle being the lead. We will see about that.

Carl Anderson Conference

Oh, and did I mention I could go see Carl Anderson? That’s this Saturday. I’m on the fence. I just want to go, but my logic side says it’s too much? But it’s Carl Anderson! I just have to go…don’t I?

Yes, on March 22, 2018, at 2:30 pm, I will be done with all of my obligations to work for the time being. Spring break is the following week. I haven’t had a chance to plan some fun. Honestly, I just am a nerd at times and I enjoy “nerding” out at conferences. Those days are a sign of a good time for me.

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a Wife and Dog Lover; an Educator, Writer, and a Reader; an Outdoor Enthusiast, a Learner.

4 thoughts on “Hurry up and relax

  1. I was overwhelmed just reading your slice . . . and just as I was about to comment, I read the line just above “Awaiting the Root Canal.” I sure hope you don’t have this ‘invisibly written’ on your list! Oh, go to the Carl Anderson Conference; you know you want to 🙂


  2. You ARE a busy lady! But I can feel the energy, commitment, and purpose of all the things on your list. I love going to conferences, too! I’ll be at the Teachers College Saturday Reunion on March 16.

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